They Accuse Our Side of Corruption. But they are Ones violating Corruption Law.

The easiest argument to make against Mexican politicians is that they are corrupt. In this part of Los Angeles County there are plenty examples of political corruption. Not too far away in South Gate, Bell Gardens, Commerce, Cudahy, Maywood, and even Montebello, politicians have been jailed for violating corruption laws. Some of these cities have been driven to be nearly bankrupt because of politician greed and crimes. So it is a very easy argument to make. What other better argument could a very upset opposition use to launch a recall? It is very easy to sell the "corrupt politician" line to get a signature.

As any political operative can tell you, qualifying for a recall hardly works. And those that do succeed in qualifying are very expensive. The person claiming to have run this recall campaign works for a Republican political consulting firm that usually charges their clients upwards of $30,000 a month. The recall committee had 6 months to collect signatures. Yet when it came time to file the Fair Political Practice Commission of California (FPPC) forms, the recall committee didn't file. The filing deadline was October 31, 2019. Their delay in filing, which is a violation of law, forced the FPPC to send them a letter that they would be sanctioned if a filing was not made. The paperwork that was to be filed would spell out who paid for the campaign. To date we do not know who paid for the recall campaign to gather signatures. With a $200,000,000 contract on the line, we have a very good idea who paid for this campaign to change the school board majority.

Below is the letter that the FPPC sent to the Recall Committee.

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