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Who is behind the recall?

Before the last election in November 2016n, the teacher's union, the School Board President Aurora Villon, and practically every Trump supporter in Pico Rivera devised a plan to take over the board and staff of El Rancho Unified School District. A new $200 million bond was overwhelmingly approved by voters in Pico Rivera. The size of the bond proved to be too tempting for those involved in this plan. But to their disappointment, the school district attorneys told the board that President Villon could not be appointed as superintendent. She had to give up her elected position to be considered for the $225,000 a year position. So Villon decided not to run for school board when her term was up in November. Instead she conspired with both school district unions who had partnered with Trump supporters to rig the next elections in her favor. First phase of that plan was to halt the rebuild of El Rancho High. With a board majority, that is exactly what she did. That is why the El Rancho rebuild is almost 2 years behind schedule. The next phase of that plan was to run 3 candidates for school board. The 2 members of the school board in favor of the complete El Rancho rebuild countered with 2 candidates of their own. In that historic election Villon and the two union's candidates that ran against the pro-rebuild team were soundly defeated. By more than 5,000 votes. Mabe it was because the union's and Villon backed a white supremacist, "3 percenter" (the racist group that served as bodyguards to the white supremacist marches in Charlottesville in 2017) in a district that is 95% Chicano/Mexican American/Latino. Being soundly defeated, the embarrassed unions and Villon vowed to avenge their humiliating loss.

This is how the recall was born. Villon, Mac, and Jacob could not win, so they decided to divide our community. Following the Trump mantra that Mexicans were drug dealers and rapists, they surely were corrupt politicians. With the anti-Latino climate that Trump created, these Trump supporters easily adopted the "corrupt Mexican" line to discredit the new school board majority. But when repeatedly asked to provide proof of their allegations, their response was a simple Trumpian line - "we don't need to provide proof". The recall is nothing but a campaign of lies by a scorned former school board president who failed in her plans to become superintendent.

The campaign flyer put out by the teacher's union supporting a self avowed white supremacists, Adrian McEachron