Water Board member Andrew Lara claims to be a teacher in this presentation before the school board. He claims to be a teacher in the legally required state filings of the recall committee. 
But it is our understanding that he works at a hospital. (Thank you for your service in these times.) Yet here he is speaking as a teacher, on behalf of teachers. And admitting that the teachers solicited  for the recall of Leanne Ibarra based on an outright lie. No proof has ever been provided of Leanne embezzling funds for the rebuild. Just outright lies.

It seems as if someone was in a rush to fill out these legally required forms.  The recall committee was already sent a warning from the Fair Political Practices Commission for failing to file as required by law.  Here Andrew Lara is depicted as a teacher.  But this isn't the only place were the recall committee violated the law.  They reported only $7,000 in donations.  Yet their own members, Joe Rivera in particular, bragged about paying $3 per signature.  They got 9600 signatures. That's nearly $30,000 not reported.  And then Raul Riesgo, who works for Merino, Barajas, and Allen - a Trump supporting political firm, says he donated his time.  Such donations have to be reported, especially by political campaign professionals. Merino, Barajas, and Allen usually charges their clients $30,000 a month. http://mbainc360.com/  And they claim Leanne is corrupt without any proof - but the proof on their corruption is posted below.

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