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We, as residents of Pico Rivera have much to be proud of.  From our Shopping corridors to our state of the art movie theaters to our beautiful homes to our brand new $200 million next century high school. We have voted in the right leadership in both the city council and school board to advance our community.  We are on the right track and are definitely a community that is up and coming, ready to arrive.  So how has our community become so divided?  How can all our success be tainted by such political  in-fighting  in our community.  It  was just in 2016 that  Pico Rivera voted overwhelmingly                                                                                                             to pass a  bond to rebuild El Rancho High School and make it the                                                                                                             premiere high school in the area.  It was  a great victory for our                                                                                                                community – it  was also the start of the   political divisions  that                                                                                                              now dominate the scene.

Money changes people,                                                                                                               and $220,000,000 sure changed some members of the school                                                                                                                board.  What was once a rebuild supporting majority                                                                                                                      quickly turned to a board majority that was opposed to the                                                                                                                        complete rebuild – no matter what

the voters of Pico Rivera                                                                                                             decided.  What was once a school board majority of Aurora Villon, Jose Lara, and Gabriel Orosco quickly became the board

minority of Lara and Orosco.  And construction of the rebuild was halted – at a finance

cost of nearly $50,000 a month (two hundred million dollars is a lot to manage.)

Pico Rivera has already voted overwhelmingly to carry out our current board majority’s

agenda - twice.  In 2016 our community voted by 68% to fund a $200 million bond to

rebuild El Rancho High.  Again in 2018, Pico Rivera overwhelmingly for a new board

majority that ran on the promise to do as we have voted for – rebuild El Rancho high. 

These two victories were so one sided it can even be said that the new board majority

had a mandate for our Pico Rivera voters to change El Rancho Unified School District

from an underperforming district it has been for decades to a competitive district to

prepare our students for a 21st century world.


The Villon/McEachron camp, funded by the district unions, will stop at nothing to

derail what our community has voted for.  Not happy with the convincing election results where they were soundly defeated, now they embark on a recall drive – based on lies, inuendos and rumors.  The only ones that suffer from such division being promoted by the Villon/McEachren camp is our children.  The whole new board majority are also parents of children in our school district, as it should be.  And they are as committed to the success of their and our children as only parents can be. 

Former Board  President main recall proponent, Aurora Castillo

"I remember every city wanting to be like Montebello. Now we all envy Pico Rivera,"

Former 25 year Montebello City Councilman