Dr. Aurora Villón was not content with the School Board President position she occupied. With the largest construction project in the history of El Rancho Unified School District since the building of the original schools, Villón wanted to be more in control.  Although the district superintendent position comes with a $220,000 yearly salary, we are sure that this is not what motivated Villón to seek this position.  But she did seek this position. However, a district lawyer opinion declared that a sitting board member could not be appointed to school superintendent.  Villón would have to step down if she wanted to apply for the job.  And by not seeking re-election Villón effectively stepped down to make a run at the superintendent position. And this is where the drama begins. Before her term was up, Villón used the new board majority to halt high school construction project.   She wanted to be the superintendent before construction began.


With Lara and Orosco no longer in her political camp, Villón had to put together a team of candidates for school board that would vote her in to be superintendent.  Three  out of five school board seats were up in November of 2018 – the majority was the prize.  Knowing that the new Lara/

Orosco camp in favor of a complete rebuild would be

getting the support of all the Pico Rivera residents that

voted decisively for the new high school, Villón used

her extensive school district experience to recruit the

support of the teacher’s and non-classified unions

of the school district.  They would be her camp’s piggy

bank and source of volunteers.  Her new candidates

were announced – Adrian McEachren, Carolyn Castillo

and incumbent Lorraine De La O..   The Orsoco/ Lara

camp countered with just two candidates, Jose Lara

and former Ellen Ochoa High Parent, Teacher

Organization President, Leanne Ibarra.  Without

union money, the Lara/Orosco camp could not afford

to put up a third candidate.  The results of that election:

Lara 9,404 votes, Ibarra  6,886, McEachren 4,358, De La O

3,686. Carolyn Castillo was the 3rd candidate elected and

the only member of Villón’s camp to succeed.  By more

than twice the vote, the Lara and Ibarra team ran on

rebuilding El rancho High and keeping Ellen Ochoa high

open – the Pico Rivera community responded with great

support for our children.


Because Villón is a Trump supporter and her candidate McEachren is a proud Trump supporter and proud Three Percenter – the mercenaries that provided security for the Charleston white supremacists - they could not compete with the Democratic blue tsunami of 2018 and were soundly defeated. The new board majority of Lara, Orosco , and Ibarra would not only save Ellen Ochoa High, but continue with the complete rebuild of El Rancho High. 


With her her plans disrupted, Villón would continue to seek any means to stop the new board majority that would not hire her for superintendent.  With her school district union allies, Trump supporters and those teachers and administrators who did not want to be subject to the accountability requests of the new board, Villón and McEachren launched a recall.  McEachren claiming that he was cheated out of the election and that his opposition bussed in people.  He lost by 5,000 votes.  How many buses would that take?  And that is why we now have such divisiveness in our Pico Rivera community.  It is time to stop that and move forward with making El Rancho Unified School District a competitive district to benefit our children.

District Attorney letter advising that Villon cannot be appointed superintendent.

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